A Bug’s Muck is a small community themed on Pixar and Disney’s full-length animated feature, A Bug’s Life. A Bug’s Muck allows participants to socialise and roleplay in an environment based on the miniature world depicted in the movie.For more information on what A Bug’s Muck is and what you can do there, you might want to check out the Help section first.To connect to A Bug’s Muck, you can come through this telnet link or use your preferred mucking program.

Keep activities and language within a general-audience rating. Remember that we have players of all ages.Harassment will not be tolerated. This includes threats, unwanted advances, repeated demands, or some other form of behaviour that makes another player uncomfortable and doesn’t cease after being asked to stop.The wizards of A Bug’s MUCK have the final word and reserve the right to handle each problem on a case-by-case basis to the best of their ability.

Character Rules:

Names: You can pick from a wide variety of names. It can be traditional, ethnic, or unusual like ‘Brick’ or ‘Sparkle’. But there are still limitations. A request for a name like ‘Captain_Kirk’, ‘God’, ‘Stupidhead’, ‘Orkin_Man’,

‘Super_Squisher’, or something along those lines is going to be denied.Acceptable species: Bugs or creepy-crawly things like worms and snails.

Unacceptable species:

  • No applications for non-bug-types. This includes humans, birds, purple unicorns, talking vegetables, ghosts, whatever.
  • No applications for ‘theme’ bugs. Examples: ant/grasshopper crossbreeds, six-foot tall bugs, telepathic bugs, Jedi bugs, magical bugs, etcetera. This includes bizarre traits that simply don’t fit with the spirit of the theme. An application for a two-headed grasshopper with seven legs would be denied.
  • No applications for aphids and mites. Sophie was the equivalent of a dog in the movie, and mites have been roleplayed on the same intelligence level.

Powers and abilities should be kept within reasonable limits. It’s unlikely that an ant would be as strong as a grasshopper, for instance, but a group of ants is a force to reckon with. A grasshopper isn’t going to be stronger than a rhino beetle, which is bigger and heavier, but perhaps not as quick and clever. And although a character might believe in magic, she shouldn’t actually have magical powers.Relationships: No character can claim any sort of relationship with someone else’s character without permission or develop it through roleplay (long lost twin, girlfriend, worst enemy, family doctor, etc.)

Feature characters like Flik, Hopper, Francis and the like will only be given to players who have demonstrated good roleplaying abilities as well as an understanding of the feature they want to play. Features can be taken away if they are portrayed in a blatantly Out-Of-Character way in roleplay, or if they’re abused in some other manner.

Puppet characters and characters created purely for administrative purposes have much more freedom. However, if there’s no way they can be considered thematic (like a talking shoe), their status must remain OOC at all times and they may not participate in IC roleplay. For more information about puppets and how to get one, refer to Silver’s Creating and Using Puppet Characters guide.